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Need assistance with strategy development on creative storytelling and adding visual representation for your company? You’ve come to the right place that can offer concrete and actionable solutions to your business goals. Honeysuckle Media team members are dedicated, flexible, and responsive in addressing critical gaps, needs, and challenges. We do this by revitalizing and streamlining your company’s branding, messaging, and storytelling goals. We are your collaborative partners in defining, designing, and delivering the desired results directly to you.


Holly Elkins

Owner & Marketing Director

Holly’s experience in leading, supervising and directing oversight of video and collateral production processes from concept to final drafts ensures the absolute best work for clients and consumers.

A lifelong involvement in the disability space, social justice, and advocacy all have revealed elements of storytelling, messaging, and marketing across several sectors.  Holly has spearheaded and directed the production of educational videos on domestic violence,  COVID-19, and 2020 General Election voter participation.  She also has experience in creating content and supervising design concepts for flyers, brochures, print materials, and video. 


Holly Geeslin


Holly has been a professional photographer since 2015. She shoots family, maternity, newborn, and senior portraits, events and print work.

She also shoots nature, macro, and lightpainting images. Holly was the artist in residence at Roberts Camera in 2018, and has received recognition for her images in a variety of venues. Holly  had winning prints displayed at Newfields for the Inspired by Spring Photo Competition in 2018, and had an image selected to hang in the governor’s residence as part of the Hoosier Women Artists annual competition in 2019. 


Eric Calbert

Videographer & Editor

Eric has over 25+ years of video production experience in the areas of lighting, camera set-up, grips, shooting, and post-production editing work with graphics, and sounds. 

Eric is an absolute wizard in shooting and editing movies, television shows, and videos  He has proven technical expertise and experience in storyboards, camera angles, lighting equipment selection, and shooting sequences.  Eric’s body of work encompasses editing movies, television shows, and informational videos (e.g. cancer).  His most recent production work was on the Vote Forever video which was widely shared on Facebook. 

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