Reimagine Possibilities.


The Honeysuckle Media team’s commitment is to create, produce, and deliver impeccable results to you as your collaborative partners. How it works is a creative collaboration process that involves several steps that starts with the first contact through to the finished product.  


Confer and consult with you to obtain insights on project goals.  The first phase is a deep consultation to gain a better understanding of your business goals and expected outcome. During this discovery phase, information will be gathered from you on specific needs, issues, and gaps that need to be addressed. 


Distill and develop a comprehensive strategy for project.  Identified needs, issues, and gaps from the discovery phase will be reviewed by the team. Our team will connect with you to collect any required materials and information that are essential to the design concept and messaging process.  


Create project plan and estimated timelines with options. Areas of strength and improvement needs will be evaluated and determined during this phase. The team will crank out conceptual ideas.  Formulation of design, layout, storytelling, and messaging will come into clear focus.


Proposed project concepts and plans presented to you for approval. Each project is unique based on scope and breadth.   Depending on the work scope, design mockups and storytelling concepts will be presented for review and feedback. Prior to commencing any design or messaging work, approval will be given by you. Then we’ll be off to the races in implementing the final phase of your project.  


Keep you informed on project progress throughout the design process. While the team is hard at work in coordinating and translating your vision, we will be keeping you informed on progress throughout in making sure that things are looking great. Constant communication is vital in ensuring that the content is a match to your business goal.  


Deliver the final result into your hands. Prior to any official launch of the website or campaign, any other changes and modifications will take place during this final phase. Once you’re ready, we will require your final written approval to activate the video and/or website for public viewing.  Finalized print, web banner, or social media post collateral also require final approval prior to release.   

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